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Producer: Los Rodriguez
Varietal: Red Caturra
Region: Bolinda, Caranavi
Elevation: 1550-1670 meters
Process: Washed
Fermentation: 18 Hours, Wet
Drying: 79 Hours, Stationary Dryers
Aroma: Blackberry Jam, Chocolate Mousse
Tasting Notes: Grape Juice, Amaretto, Manila Mango, Dark Chocolate 

As specialty coffee production in Bolivia has decreased over the past decade, the Rodriguez family has grabbed the reins to enhance both cultivation and processing for the Caranavi region. Finca Arcangel is one of their most impeccable plantings of Yellow and Red Caturra at the crest of their collection of farms, Fincas Buena Vista. Planted in 2014, the higher angel's namesake is for the massive shade trees over the farm and is the first distinct planting of yellow and Red Caturra varietals. The farm first bore fruit in 2017 which was our first iteration of the Arcangel and this year we are even more elated with the results. The cherries were picked with a high brix reading of 22%, washed and fermented for 18 hours, and then transported to the Rodriguez family mill in La Paz where they were mechanically dried for 79 hours with an exceptional sorting process. In the cup there are wonderful transitions between spice, fruits, and sweets that create a complexity reflective of the terroir of the farm with a finish that is an explosion of grape juice.