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Blendless Summer- El Duraznal


Notes Agave, Butter Cookie, Starfruit Varieties Typica, Bourbon, Pluma Elevation 1500-2200 masl Process Washed


We love coffee from Oaxaca! Every year with our Blendless Summer series, we showcase small farms from throughout the region that produce truly exceptional coffees


Sanson El Duraznal: Our second lot for this year's Blendless Summer run comes from Sonson, the same farm as Cerro La Bruja but a distinct offering with notes of juicy starfruit and the sweetness of agave.

San Vicente Yogondoy is a lush, densely forested, isolated, and remote community nearby San Agustin Loxicha in the Sierra Sur region of Oaxaca. The steep slopes where coffee is growing under a dense native shade canopy face the Pacific Ocean to the south and receive very distinct rainy and dry seasons with cooling breezes off of the Pacific.

The indigenous Zapotec community still maintains their language and describe the area as the Rio de Abejas (Bees’ River), the translation for Yogondoy in Zapotec. Tellingly, many of the coffee farmers also maintain beehives and produce honey. Many of the farmers in this group have younger coffee trees which were planted within the last five years, and are continuing the tradition of maintaining almost 100% Pluma variety, the local mutation of Typica being grown for over 80 years that thrives in these conditions, soils, and climate. Several of the farmers are also under the age of 30; an encouraging fact showing the future of coffee farming in this special, unique community.

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