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Blendless Summer- Ozolotepec


Notes Apple Juice, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar Varieties Typica, Bourbon, Pluma Elevation 1500-2200 masl Process Washed


We love coffee from Oaxaca! Every year with our Blendless Summer series, we showcase small farms from throughout the region that produce truly exceptional coffees


Ozolotepec: For our 3rd selection of this year's Blendless Summer series, we welcome the return of a lovely community lot from Ozolotepec. The "Ozolotepec" designation, deep in the mountains of the Sierra Sur in Oaxaca on the way to the Pacific coast, is actually a grouping of smaller communities all sharing the Ozolotpepec name, in one of the most remote parts of the state. Primarily consisting of indigenous Zapotec campesinos, these communities rely on quality coffee production as their main source of income for the entire year. The 2-4 hectare farms are planted on incredibly steep slopes reaching above 2000 masl in some areas. Production and yields are small and very traditional with primarily the localized typica or "Pluma" variety making up the harvest, with many farmer's unable yet to invest in replanting fresh tissue and/or different varieties after many setbacks over the years including dramatically unstable and low prices, in some cases different actors not paying prices promised, and a trade constantly in flux looking and scrambling for the best buyer each year under a lack of financing and buyer/seller loyalty. Also affecting part of the recent history in the region, as in the case in 2022, has been severe hurricane damage. Due to landslides during the heavy rains, as much as 35,000 hectares worth of production has likely been lost in the storm.

Despite these challenges, the quality can be very special in Ozolotepec and we hope and expect to see a greater effort toward supporting the farmers in renovating the plots and continuing to build on trust and solid business relationships given the increasing recognition of the name and farmers being able to access the more stable and profitable high end specialty market more readily and easily.

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