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Notes Cantaloupe, butterscotch, black cherry Varieties Kurume, Daga and Wolisho Elevation 1900-2200 masl Process Washed


Idido is a remote community in Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region. It’s home to one of the oldest coffee-growing traditions in the world. These coffees produce an elegant cup, with layers of complex sugars supporting a blanket of subtle fruit and floral aromas, and always finishing clean and balanced on the palette.


The majority of producers here belong to the Gedeo culture and speak the Gedeo language. The traditions of their native culture are still very present in producers’ daily life. For instance, birds and domestic animals like dogs and cats are highly respected in the Aricha and Idido areas. The producers of Idido intercrop their coffee with native trees of the area like the false banana tree to shade and fertilize their fields. Since the producers deliver all their coffee in cherry, they don’t have the waste generated by depulping to compost with, so the collection centers prepare and store organic compost and distribute it among the producers. Their coffee is fermented between 48 and 72 hours in fermentation tanks then dried between 4 and 5 days on raised beds, based on climate.

Life in Idido can be idyllic in some ways, but equally complicated in others. Since many farms are remote, access to clean water, electricity, and school for children is a constant challenge. That means children from the most distant farms often start working from a very young age. Opportunities are very few in Idido, but migrating to other cities is not a great option for young people in the area due to the large education gaps between their region and the city. Many young people decide to stay on their parents' farms or buy neighboring farms and continue dedicating themselves to coffee for the rest of their lives.

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