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Jeremias Lasso

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Producer: Jeremias Lasso
Varietal: Geisha
Region: Nariño
Elevation: 1850 meters
Process:  Washed
Fermentation: 15-18 Hours, Wet
Drying: Raised Beds, Parabolic Dryer 8-days
Aroma: Honey Comb, Jasmine
Tasting Notes: Honey Dew, Passion Fruit, Nectarine, Peppermint

In 1930, a new coffee subspecies (variety) from Gesha, Ethiopia was brought first to Costa Rica, then to Panama. It remained largely unknown for over half a century until, in 2004, a coffee submitted by the Peterson family fetched a record price at the Best of Panama auction -- and spurred a revolution in specialty coffee. Now known as Geisha, farmers around the world scramble to produce their own harvest of this legendary variety. While this has somewhat diluted the special nature of the variety, this particular Geisha comes from the very seedstock that started the legend--direct from the Peterson family. 

Aleco Chigounis, the founder of Red Fox--the coffee importer we have worked with the most since our inception--received 1kg of Geisha seedstock from the Petersons in 2009 after trading it for a famous Kenyan variety. He could think of no one better to entrust it with than Jeremias Lasso, a man fundamental to Red Fox's efforts in Colombia.

This coffee is beautifully complex, tropical, floral, and sweet with lingering acidity. The beauty is in the details, and should be enjoyed thoughtfully and without effort.

We recommend taking great care when preparing this coffee so as to fully experience what makes it special. Grinding fresh on a burr grinder, using filtered water (Poland Spring works great), and brewing in a pour-over cone, Chemex, or aeropress will yield the best results. We recommend a 15:1 water to coffee ratio. If you have any other questions about this coffee and how to prepare it, please email info@varietycoffeeroasters.com