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Oaxaca Especial


Notes Apricot, vanilla, honeycomb Varieties Typica, bourbon, caturra Elevation 1450 masl Process Washed


We love coffee from Mexico at Variety, and the lots from Oaxaca are often the stars of the show. Each year, we are blown away by the quality, uniqueness, and longevity of these offerings; a big reason why Mexico continues to be a pillar of our menu. This offering highlights the work of Casimiro Garcia and members of his family, whose coffees stood out for their delicate body, candied sweetness, and the crisp acidity of a red apple.



Casimiro Garcia Lopez has been a central figure in our Oaxaca sourcing from the beginning, not only for the incredible coffees that he and members of his family produce, but for the impact he’s had on connecting other producers and small communities with quality focused buyers. He continues to be a primary point of contact in the Sierra Sur, helping farmers understand what is required to achieve the full potential of their harvests.

A second generation coffee farmer, Casimiro and his wife Reyna Petronila Luna farm 20 hectares just outside San Agustin Loxicha, a community growing both coffee known for its malic apple and pear notes and avocados to further support the community’s finances. Their older children support in both farm work and marketing, contributing agronomic knowledge learned in local courses. They’ve helped make some changes to the family’s processing, specifically cherry pulping and fermentation hours, in order to increase both quality and sustainability.

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