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Producer: Hermes Martinez
Varietals: Castillo and Colombia
Region: Nariño
Elevation: 1900 meters
Process: Washed
Fermentation: 18 Hours Wet
Drying: 10-15 Days on Raised Beds
Aroma: Dried Mango, Allspice
Tasting Notes: Candied Mango, Concord Grape, Toasted Almond

Hermes Martinez main finca, El Pedregal is located six kilometers from the Pan-American Highway, in the municipality of Chachagui, in the vereda of Casabuy. Spanning 40 hectares, 25 of which are planted with Castillo and Colombia varietals producing coffee off of approximately 100,000 trees. The parcel has been cultivated for coffee since the 1980's. Water for the finca comes from a natural spring on the property which is important considering the droughts that have recently been experienced in Narino. Due to the proximity of the farm to the semi-active Galeras volcano, the soil is nutrient-rich and Hermes calls it "tierra negra". While Hermes produces exquisite coffee, he is very much a realist as he has seen hardships as well as success from growing up in a coffee family and continuing the tradition.

Coffees from Narino are complex, rustic, and sweet due to the terrain and climate. A nice aroma of Tropical fruit and sweet spice melds into a dynamic cup of sweet fruit, juiciness and a rich toasted almond and sweet chocolate mouthfeel.