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Producer: Porvenir
Varieties: Yellow Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
Region: Huila
Elevation: 1620 meters
Process: Washed
Drying: 14 days raised beds under parabolic cover
Tasting Notes: Tangerine, Cashew, Strawberry 

Yeny Andrea Anacona, from Pitalito, was born November 28th, 1995. She and her
husband, Juan, have been producing coffee on their farm for 5 years, but have been around coffee production their entire lives. Finca Porvenir is a 15 hectare farm filled with coffee trees and other sustenance crops such as banana, cassava, corn, beans and peas. They are at the beginning stages of their business and we couldn’t be more excited to offer Yeny’s coffee this season.

Colombia has been the foundation on which we’ve been able to stand and deliver our message to the specialty roasting community all over the world. A profound curiosity to explore new areas east of Nevado del Huila has opened doors for discovery and new partnerships. We pay homage to Saul Sanmiguel, the versed General Manager of Cadefihuila and family owned Sanmiguel Colombiana Agricola, who first approached Red Fox early 2017. The relationship with Saul and his son, Leonardo, has been seam less as we continue to work with the Sanmiguel family throughdiscovery, while having a consensus in core values. Along with Inza, Cauca, Huila was among the
first regions we sourced from in Colombia. Long time customers will recognize Acevedo, Bruselas and Palestina from years past. We are pleased to offer these again this harvest as the quality is exceptional.

Northern Huila is known to have one harvest period that begins in May and ends in July, where other regions of Colombia are harvesting most of the year. Southern Huila’s harvest season is  much later in the year, as most cherry is collected between the months of November and December. Southern Huila municipalities Acevedo, SanAugustin and La Plata closely border Cauca Inza and Caquetá and are an hour away from Pitalito by car. One could say, Huila is always blooming and each individual microclimate can be attributed its quality, however, it is truly the work of the producers who meticulously harvest ripe, red cherries during those months along with a refined