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Torera Espresso


Notes Blackberry, Cocoa Powder, Nutmeg Varieties Catuai, Bourbon Elevation 1800 masl Process Washed


This is our first year featuring this beautiful offering from Lilian Danery Guevara Muñoz and her farm Torera, hailing from the famed Santa Barbara region of Honduras. Santa Barbara coffees have a structure, complexity, and uniqueness like nothing we've seen elsewhere in Central America, and the Muñoz family has been instrumental in helping farmers of their community bring these stunning coffees to market.


Located in the village of Pena Blanca is coffee exporter San Vicente – the company that
coordinates the coffee we buy from Santa Barbara. Over the past several years, one particular hillside has become the largest supplier of CoE winners in Honduras. The most successful farms with the smartest and most innovative farmers are neighbors on this hillside and they help each other to refine the best of their lots. Coming from a family history of coffee farming themselves, San Vicente’s Paz family maintain an in-depth approach of getting to know the farmers with whom they work: Benjamin and Angel Paz (cousins) work all throughout the year visiting the farms with which they work to exchange new ideas and knowledge about harvesting and processing techniques and to share cupping notes with the farmers so that they understand how and why what they’re doing affects the cup.

The villages Cielito, Cedral and Las Flores follow one after another along the mountain range in
Santa Barbara. Grown on this hillside is mostly Pacas, a coffee species akin to Bourbon, as well as Yellow Catuaí and Pacamara. It is challenging to process coffee cherries in areas like these, which are close to the jungle and thus, to rain. The drying process, in particular, is especially demanding. But when these processes are precisely controlled, seemingly problematic factors (like drying under challenging conditions) are what make coffee from this area particularly interesting. The coffee produced here cups with flavor attributes not found anywhere else in Central America.

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