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Bensa Kokosa

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Producer: MOPLACO
Varietal: Ethiopia Landracers
Region: Sidamo
Elevation: 2100-2300 meters
Process: Washed, Kenya Process
Drying: 11 Days, Raised Beds
Fermentation: Dry, 36 Hours in Cement Tanks
Aroma: Lavender, Jasmine, Meyer Lemon
Tasting Notes: Candied Citrus, Melon, Black Darjeeling 

Heleanna Georgalis is known for her love of experimentation and willingness to take risks in order to create a transcendent cup of coffee. Her farming and processing practices are the absolute gold standard, diverse and honed over time. Inspired by witnessing the dry fermentation practices of Kenya to conserve water and applying it to her own washing station, she dry fermented the coffee for 36 hours in concrete tanks which enhances the characteristic sweetness of her coffees. 

Sitting at the base of the Kokosa mountains, the Bensa Logita washing station rests at 2100 meters above sea level, producing some of the densest, cleanest coffees in Ethiopia. Year in and year out we are excited to offer coffees from MOPLACO. This particular lot is a balance of sweetness, heavy florals, lingering mouthfeel, with a crisp acidity. As the cup cools, the sweet fruits cede into a round darjeeling texture. The finest coffees of Ethiopia always stand out in our offerings, and this lot only augments their potential.