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Producer: Tito Humberto Osoria Adrila
Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon, Typica 
Region: Huila
Elevation: 1860 - 1950 meters
Process: Washed 
Fermentation: 12-24 Hours, Dry
Drying: Raised Beds Under Parabolic Cover
Aroma: Cashew, Molasses, Soft Pretzel
Tasting Notes: Hazelnut, Peach, Lemon Hard Candy

Tito Osorio is a no-nonsense, get-to-the-point kind of guy. He has been around coffee “his whole life”. His siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins are all coffee farmers in the municipality of Palermo, in the north-central part of the department of Huila. Tito’s finca Buenavista sits between 1,860 and 1,950 m.a.s.l in the vereda of Guadalito. He bought finca Buenavista twelve years ago. The farm spans a total of six hectares, all of which is planted with the Colombia and Caturra varieties, approximately 15,800 trees. Besides coffee, Tito grows plantain and sells it locally in the municipal capital, which is a 30 to 40-minute ride from finca Buenavista. On the property there is a small plot of forest reserve with two naturally occurring springs. The cafetal is also home to a variety of shade trees such as the Cachingo, and different kinds of native Guava trees. The soil is rocky and rich in organic matter.

This lot is meticulously prepared via hand sorting to highlight the ripest cherries of Tito's farm. The castillo varietal brings out a deep sugar richness with a balanced cashew, hazelnut depth, and ripe cherry on the nose. In the cup itself there is a meld of sweetness echoic of peach and candied lemon with a balance of body leaning towards hazelnut and chocolate. Coffees from Huila have put Colombian coffees on the specialty map and this is a stunning example of a hearty varietal grown in an ideal location and tended with the upmost care.