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Clabelina Natural Process

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Producer: Hernan and Eugenlo Prieto Soto
Varietal: Caturra, Colombia 
Region: Ciudad, Boliviar
Elevation: 1510-1800 meters
Process: Natural 
Fermentation: 5-10 Days, Mechanical 
Drying: Raised African Beds
Aroma: Honey Comb, Bergamot Orange
Tasting Notes: Grape Juice, Watermelon, Strawberry Sorbet, Cola

There is no region that expresses the term "magical realism" more than Antioquia in Colombia. The terrain is exotic and rugged crossed by the Cordillera Central and Cordillera Occidental which forms the plateaus of Santa Rosa de Osos and Rionegro. Antioquia is the second largest coffee producing department in Colombia with farms that are typically larger in size with an infrastructure modernized for specialty coffee. As the cool air comes off the Pacific, the cherries develop a heavy sweetness as they take longer to ripen. 

Villa Clabelina is a 22 hectare farm run by the brothers Hernan and Eugenio Prieto Soto which operates within the specialty forward-thinking group the Coffee Growers Association. Their goal is not only exceptional quality, but also the elevation of social concerns, environmental regard, and sustainability to the fore. The brothers believe that "coffee is an experience, a feeling". Villa Clabelina was planted more than fifty years ago, and the brothers have enlisted the help of Juan Saldarriaga to improve their picking practices and processing facilities. New and improved rooms have been built for drying coffee in a precisely controlled fashion as well as the ability to also process in the honey and natural fashion.

This coffee was dried in the "natural" style of processing. The basic definition of this is that the coffee cherry is dried as it is picked, with the fruit still on the seed. This results in wild, exotic, fruity flavors. Most coffees we serve are washed; the cherry is removed after picking. It is easier to avoid defects this way, as the natural process is prone to ferment and many other issues. Juan Saldarriaga is a fervent believer in slowing the natural fermentation process as quickly as possible in order to gain the most control over the process. By ensuring the freshly-picked cherries are cooled down as quickly as possible he is able to slow down the progress of micro-organisms feeding on the cherry, slowing the natural fermentation. Then, he can dry the cherry as it stays on the seed in a slow, controlled, and consistent manner. The resulting coffee sings with fruit notes of honeydew and lychee, with a deep desserty sweetness and unforgettable aroma.