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La Ladera


Notes Nectarine, Honeysuckle, Shortbread Varieties Catuai Elevation 1700 masl Process Yellow Honey


As the summer winds down, a new origin comes into the fold. We are delighted to showcase the beautiful and distinctive coffees of Costa Rica's Tarrazu Valley, beginning with this standout from
the La Ladera farm. The unique yellow honey process gives way to a cup filled with layers of stone fruit, floral aromatics, and the creamy sweetness of a butter cookie.


La Ladera is located in the highest reaches of Tarrazu on a steep hill where coffee receives the sun's first rays. Inherited by the Bonilla family over 100 years ago, La Ladera is also serviced by processing plant Don Mayo, famously named after the father of Don Franco Bonilla. No aspect of La Ladera goes fallow. The sentimentality attributed to the land is present in the cup quality here, and the whole farm is composed of catuai. This coffee's unique sweetness and viscous mouthfeel come in part from the yellow honey process, where a layer of fruit is left to dry on the depulped seeds still in parchment. Honey processing is especially refined in Costa Rica, producing deceptively clean profiles filled with tropical fruit notes.

Costa Rica has some of the strictest environmental standards of producing countries when it comes to water contamination and reintegrating water back into the local waterways. With mechanical demucilagers, smaller producers now have the ability to keep their product identity intact and therefore extend value for their goods. The "micro-mill revolution" saw coffee farmers ranging from just a few hectares of production to several dozens of hectares investing in processing equipment along the lines of mechanical demucilagers over traditional
fermentation methods, and allowed individuals to take more control over the quality of their product while still adhering to conservation standards. Other factors also help producers succeed. It’s a country with a great education system and fantastic roads. It’s a small country, making transport and access far easier than other origins in Central America. Production is also small in Costa Rica, and scarcity means higher prices. Producers there don’t just survive, they make a viable living.

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