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La Mandarina


Notes Nougat, Black Cherry, Granny Smith Apple Varieties Caturra, Typica, Bourbon Elevation 1930 masl Process Washed


With high elevations, diverse microclimates, high-quality soil, and varieties of Yellow Caturra, Yellow Bourbon, Bourbon, and Typica, the coffees of Northern Peru’s ecologically diverse Cajamarca region offer notes of red fruit like apple and plum, deep honeyed sweetness, and baking spice. This beautiful lot from Octavio Oblitas Cadenillas is creamy and comforting, with notes of black cherry and the crisp acidity of a Granny Smith.


Born in 1977, Octavio grew up in the coffee producing region of Jaen. About 5 years ago, he inherited land and began growing coffee of his own. The total area of the farm is 3.5 hectares, where 3.25 hectares are utilized for growing coffee trees. Coffee harvesting begins in the month of July in this region, but Octavio noticed that a changing climate is producing an abundance of rain which makes harvesting and drying challenging. He wants nothing more than to be recognized internationally for the quality of his coffee.

Octavio is a member of Santuario Cooperative, who are working with a mission to help smallholder producers get the best possible prices for coffee through quality improvement. Santuario also offers technical field assistance, sending individuals with agricultural experience and training to offer advice on soil fertility, cultivation techniques, harvesting, and post-harvest practices in order to improve quality. Uniting smallholder producers from Cajamarca, Santuario’s long-term goals include helping farmers renovate their farms with the best-tasting and most resilient coffee varieties, controlling pests and soil fertility through organic means, helping farmers navigate the effects of climate change, and helping scale improved drying practices as the coop grows. In addition to helping farmers access the specialty market, Santuario’s focus on long-term sustainability offers a path to long-term profitability for smallholders.

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