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Producer: Israel Degfa
Variety: Ethiopia Heirloom 
Region: Hagare Mariam 
Elevation: 1800 - 2200
Process: Mechanically Depulped 
Drying: Raised Beds
Aroma: Medjool Date, Vanilla 
Tasting Notes: Black Grape, Navel Orange, Meyer Lemon, Dark Chocolate  

This coffee comes from Hagere Mariam, one of the most famous producing regions in Ethiopia. The town itself is 1700 meters above sea level. Hagere Mariam is located in what is now known as Bule Hora. It is bordering the Borena and Guji zones and could easily be considered as a part of either.

The Mokonisa is light, bright and citric in the cup. Up front, it has notes of black grape, navel orange and Meyer lemon which delve into a pleasant dark chocolate finish. Aromatically, it has sweet and juicy notes of vanilla and dates.