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Namballe Espresso


Notes Cantaloupe, white chocolate, prosecco Varieties Bourbon, caturra, catimor Elevation 1600-1800 masl Process Washed


In this inaugural season working in Namballe, we purchased 9 individual farmer lots from the Rio Blanco producer group. While all showcasing a similarly distinct regional character, each stands out with its own nuance and complexity. We selected this lot from Jose Bartolo Zurita for espresso due to it’s crisp yet intergrated acidity, creamy flavors of white chocolate and cantaloupe, and full body to balance.


Rio Blanco is a new producer group led by Ismael Alarcon and sixteen other farmers located on the banks of the Rio Blanco river in Tabacones Namballe National Sanctuary. Ismael organized Rio Blanco focusing on helping smallholder producers get the best possible price for coffee through quality improvements. Several community projects have been implemented, such as developing organic fertilizers utilizing local materials and empowering producers through offering land management practices. Long term sustainability offers a path to long term profitability for small holders.

With high elevations, diverse microclimates, high quality soil, and varieties of Caturra, Bourbon, and Catimor, coffees from Rio Blanco offer a range of flavors from candied apple, tart cherry, and tropical fruits to a honeyed sweetness, complex florals, and a champagne-like sparkle. Ismael began his profession nearly twelve years ago and has been surrounded by coffee production his whole life. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer some of the finest and most unique coffees that Cajamarca has to offer, and to spread the word about this exciting new group in Northern Peru.

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