Piedras Amarillas

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Producer: Piedras Amarillas
Varieties: Pacas, Catuai, Bourbon
Region: Santa Barbara
Elevation: 1650 masl
Process: Washed
Fermentation: Dry fermentation 24 hours, then washed 4 times
Drying: 1 day on raised beds during which time the coffee is hand picked to remove defects. It is then moved to a solar dryer with shade for 10-15 days, moved every 30-60 minutes to ensure even drying
Tasting Notes:  Shortbread, Blackberry, Brown Sugar

Since 2005, the region, Santa Barbara, and the small producers living and working there, have shared the distinction as the place and the people producing exceptional coffee within Honduras.

This farm is cooperatively managed by Mario Moreno and his brothers, Danny and Mabel. Mario’s father, Daniel Moreno, started coffee farming in 1963 with the purchase of La Sierra. Don Daniel passed away in April, 2018, and his legacy is a coffee farming dynasty in Santa Barbara. His sons and their children consistently produce complex and unique coffees. Together, three generations of Morenos have inspired many of their neighbors.