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Yellow Bourbon


Notes Palm sugar, key lime pie, chestnut Varieties Yellow Bourbon Elevation 900-1150 masl Process Natural


This Yellow Bourbon varietal separation from Fazenda Rio Brilhante is an elegant complement to its Red Bourbon counterpart. Sugary and silken with a comforting pastry-like quality, it finishes sweet and tangy like a key lime pie.


Fazenda Rio Brilhante sits within a micro-region called Pântano which is located in the state of Minas Gerais. Pântano is known for its well-defined seasons, consistent seasonal rain, and overall favorable climate for coffee production. Specifically, these conditions are ideal for producing natural processed coffees, which represents on average 80% of the production of the farm. The harvest is mostly done mechanically using a colheitadeira (harvester) - specific machinery to perform this activity. Careful calibration of this equipment makes it possible to determine the quality and ripeness point at which coffee cherries should be harvested, resulting in more uniform and consistent lots. After picking, the cherries pass through a station that sorts by density - the denser and higher quality cherries are separated in order to create pulped natural and natural processed coffees that will receive more detail focused fermentation and drying.

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