Return + Shipping Policy


What can be returned?
Products doa are returnable.

When do items need to be returned?
Within two weeks of receipt.

Where do items need to be returned?
Shipped back to shipper.

How do customers return items?
Email us and ship product back to 146 Wyckoff Ave. Brooklyn NY 11237

Shipping for returns?
We comp return shipping.

Credit for returns?
Store credit only.


What do you ship?
All products are shippable.

When do you ship?
Mondays and Fridays.

Where do you ship to?
United States

How do you ship?

Rates to ship?
Rates are posted on the checkout page.

How to track an order that’s been shipped?
No tracking.

In-store pick up option?
Not an option.

Recycling of packing materials?
Cardboard boxes are recyclable.