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Cerrado Mineiro


Notes Boysenberry, caramel creme, chocolate malt Varieties Paraíso, catuaí, mundo novo, acaiá Elevation 900-1150 masl Process Natural


This offering from the Naimeg Family Estate, a neighboring group of farms to Rio Brilhante, is a beautiful representation of the regional profiles from Cerrado Mineiro and of the unique Paraíso varietal. Syrupy dark fruit flavors are anchored by rich chocolate and caramel notes, a classically structured Brazilian coffee with hints of complex aromatics.


The Naimeg Family are a truly pioneering family that helped pave the way for the Cerrado Mineiro region. The Naimeg coffee story began as another family in southern Brazil seeking better coffee planting opportunities. Initially, the family patriarch, Gerson Naimeg, had grown coffee in the region known as Norte do Paraná since 1965, when after three heavy frosts within a period of six years he and his wife, Hercilia, decided to migrate to Cerrado Mineiro in the 80s. The family has grown and since then has taken over the Londrina, Pântano and Ouro Verde farms producing very memorable coffees on a total of 350 hectares cultivated. After Gerson's death, his wife and children Fernando, Gerson, Mauro and José continued his legacy. The family maintains an experimental field inside the farm where they study the best cultivars for future plantings, taking into account productivity, quality and resistance to diseases, thus contributing to less chemical use. There are more than 100 types of new and old cultivars being analyzed to understand which ones will present the best response in that environment.

The Paraíso variety natural processed was one of the most impressive coffees from their experimental field and on it's first harvest it won first place at the Cerrado Mineiro Region quality contest. Paraíso is one of the cultivars they have at Fazenda Londrina, they also have Mundo Novo, Catuaí, Acaiá do Cerrado and others, for example. The farm is 210 hectares at 1,150m of altitude. This lot was hand picked and naturally processed. They also gave some rest to the coffee while drying, and that was essential to bring out the characteristics and improve shelf life.

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