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Shakiso Welabu


Notes Blueberry muffin, cherry blossom, dark chocolate Varieties Ethiopia Landraces Elevation 1758-2300 masl Process Washed


The coffees of the greater Guji region of Ethiopia are among the first we fell in love with. This offering represents the work of farming communities in the Odo Shakiso district, and presents an elegant yet fruit forward profile rich in the blueberry notes that remind us of the rich complexity of their local landraces


Haro Welabu is a washing station that serves members of farming communities in the Odo Shakiso district, which is bordered on the south by the Dawa River, on the west by Bule Hora, on the North-East by Uraga, on the North by Bore & Adola, and on the East by Liben Districts. Farmers grow subsistence crops as well, but coffee has a significant role in the local economy. Currently 2700 farmers with coffee farms of about 5000 ha are working in the area. Central mills such as Haro Welabu are essential to managing quality and consistency with contributions from literally hundreds of individual farmers, where expedient and clean processing is available throughout the rolling harvest.

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