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Lucky Shot Espresso

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Producer: Communldad Tres Estrellas
Varietal: Caturra, Catual, Typica
Region:  Taypiplaya, Caranavi
Elevation: 1750-1950 meters
Process: Washed
Drying: 109 Hours, Mechanical 
Harvest: 2019
Aroma: Creme Brulee, Vanilla
Tasting Notes: Naval Orange, Macadamia, Caramel Sauce, Brown Sugar

We remain dedicated to keeping our Lucky Shot consistently tasting great all-year round, and in order to do that we have to keep up with the seasonal availability of coffees as they change. Taypiplaya from Bolivia fits our current profile perfectly. Super sweet and juicy with a lingering finish, this coffee sings as espresso. Fruity notes of sweet navel orange dominate while staying balanced with a macadamia and caramel sauce body.