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Vilcaniza - Organic


Notes Blood orange, macadamia, cacao Varieties Typica, caturra Elevation 1800-1900 masl Process Washed


While many of the Peruvian coffees we love hail from the southeastern Sandia Valley, Vilcaniza is a shining example of the northern Amazonas region; home to a cross-section of native wildlife and some of the country’s last undiscovered coffee. Juicy and fruit-forward, Vilcaniza has a subtle floral complexity and the classic sugar browning flavors which give way to supportive body and sweetness. We are proud to offer this community lot each year, and this season it debuts as Variety’s first Certified Organic coffee!


Within the Alto Mayo protected forest which spans the border between the San Martin and Amazonas departments of Northern Peru, sits the Coopbam cooperative. The Conservation Initiative, funded by Conservation International, brings sight into this area in an attempt to save the native coffee production. The cooperative acts as a steward of the Alto Mayo, focusing heavily on fighting deforestation, protecting the native forest, and promoting socio economic development. Since coffee is still a major driver of deforestation, The Conservation Initiative helps producers in the area grow in ways that preserve native trees, soil, and ecosystems. Coopbam’s impact stretches beyond great coffee. Creating job opportunities through reforestation programs, establishing women’s committees to represent equity on a local level with a focus on education and healthcare, and delivering cooking stoves and solar panels to member households are just a few of the ways they’ve supported the community as a whole.

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